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Lone Star College

Transfer your earned credits into a bachelor's degree at NAU

Lone Star Students... Welcome to National American University!

Lone Star College and National American University have collaborated to offer additional educational advancement opportunities to you. As a Lone Star College graduate or employee, you now have these benefits available to you. 

  • Regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
  • Your completed degree credits from Lone Star College will fully transfer to NAU
  • Scholarship opportunity specifically for Lone Star graduates and employees 
  • NAU offers online Bachelor's degrees in: 
    • Business
    • Technology
    • Health and Sciences
    • RN to Online BSN 
  • Potential dual credit courses towards your Master's degree (including MSN) 
  • NAU offers Master's and Doctorate degrees online as well 
  • A commitment to serving Lone Star graduates and employees 
  • A friend of community college with Roueche Graduate Center 

Transfer Credits

  • Your completed degree from Lone Star College will fully transfer to NAU 
  • Click here to view course by course transfer guide


NAU is also proud to offer a scholarship to Lone Star College graduates and employees.

Why NAU?

We are a trusted provider of higher education and have been since 1941. Our belief is that a university should be built around the needs of its students - that's why we have collaborated with Lone Star College to offer our degrees to you. Now, you can get the degree you have wanted. If you would like to learn more about what National American University can offer you, click here for more information. 

Or you can contact us at (936) 273-7650 or email us: