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photo-future-studentsMaintaining F-1 (Student) Status

Keep your passport valid at all times.

  • Report to the campus international advisor any of the following:
    • Change of address.
    • Change of major field of study or level of study.
    • Change in financial situation.
    • Change in enrollment status (full-time vs. part-time).
    • Termination of studies.
    • Transfer to another school.
    • Completion of studies.
    • On-campus employment.  Needs additional authorization and limited to 20 hours per week when classes are in session.
    • Off-campus employment.  Needs additional authorization.
    • Optional practical training.  Needs additional authorization.
    • Program extension.  Needs additional authorization.
  • Attend the school that you are authorized to attend as indicated on your I-20.
  • Pursue a full course of study.
  • Refrain from off-campus employment without proper authorization.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of International Relations, Diana Asaad at: 



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