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Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)

Earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) completely online at National American University (NAU) with support from our graduate staff who stand ready to assist you through your educational journey. Advance within your current organization, start a new career, land a leadership position—the possibilities are endless with an MBA. The MBA program provides an opportunity to advance your knowledge and develop relevant skills in the field of business.

Emphasis Areas:

  • Accounting
  • Aviation Management
  • E-Marketing
  • Health Care Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology Management 
  • International Business Management 
  • Operations and Configuration Management 
  • Project and Process Management
  • Aviation Management

Prerequisites for MBA:

  • Economic Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Finance & Accounting 

Students may not enroll directly into an MBA program with a concentration unless they
have received credit for the prerequisite classes from a regionally accredited college or
university with a grade of at least a C-. Students who wish to pursue an MBA but have a
deficiency in any of these courses must enroll in the MBA-General and/or complete their
prerequisite classes before transferring into an MBA with a concentration.

5 Very Good Reasons to Do an MBA

  1. Higher salary
  2. Better career opportunities
  3. Better consolidated business network
  4. New skill and knowledge acquisition
  5. A holistic perspective on the business world

If you are the type of person that can handle the challenge of holding a leadership position, of having a lot of responsibility and of being in a constant learning and development cycle, then you are probably a good candidate for an MBA.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Average Salary

Master’s of Management (MM)

Our online Master of Management (MM) degree program can help you gain the knowledge, managerial skills, and confidence that you’ll need to move your career forward. You’ll gain a well-rounded perspective of business operations—and you can personalize your education depending on your professional goals. The MM program offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the area of management with a holistic view of the organization.

Emphasis Areas:

  • Aviation Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Criminal Justice Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • E-Marketing
  • Operations and Configuration Management
  • Health Care Administration
  • Project and Process Management
  • Higher Education

Benefits of studying a Master in Management

  1. Little work experience required
  2. International orientation
  3. Versatile teaching
  4. A complete set of skills for managers
  5. Affordable costs
  6. Open to experienced students and newcomers alike

This is a great opportunity for those who have completed a Bachelor in a different field but are looking for a career change.

Master of Management (MMgt / MM) Degree Average Salary

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