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AUABC-LogoStampThe Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) program is an initiative between Air University and civilian higher education institutions, one of which being National American University (NAU), to offer Bachelor's degree opportunities to every Air Force enlisted member regardless of location. National American University offers the unique opportunity to complete all coursework completely online. NAU’s Bachelor of Science in Management program has been evaluated by Air University and found relevant to an individual’s Air Force career field.  The program is designed to transfer CCAF credits so students can obtain a bachelor’s degree with no more than 60 additional equivalent semester credits, which equals 90 quarter hour credits using the standard conversion. Air University program requirements:

  • Meet specific accreditation standards;
  • Require no more than 60 equivalent semester hours or 90 quarter hours after the A.A.S. degree for a Bachelor’s degree;
  • Deliver instruction with distance learning available;
  • Maximize application of military credit; and
  • Relate degree programs to Air Force specialty.

The NAU management degree program will incorporate CCAF technical and program elective credits to fulfill the program open elective requirements and block transfer general education courses to optimize transfer credits.  All CCAF degrees are eligible for transfer into the management degree program. To find out what can transfer from your CCAF degree into the Bachelor's of Criminal Justice degree with NAU click here.

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Reduced  Military Tuition

NAU offers a reduced tuition rate for undergraduate ($166.66 per quarter credit hour), graduate ($260.00 per quarter credit hour), and doctoral ($750.00 per quarter credit hour) programs for the following:

  • Active Duty Service members 
  • National Guard Service members 
  • Reserve Service members 
  • Separated Service members* 
  • Military Retiree 

Dependents with an unexpired United States Uniformed Services ID Card**

*For an undergraduate separated service member to receive the military reduced tuition rate, the service member must be a first-time NAU student with an enrollment date effective Spring term 2017 or later and possess a DD Form 214 with a character of service of honorable.

**Dependent students who lose their dependent status while they are enrolled in a term, will continue to receive the military reduced tuition rate as long as they continue term by term.

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