Graduate Spotlight: Jesse Campbell

Hello, my name is Jesse Campbell and I graduated in 2011 after attending the Albuquerque and Overland Park Campuses. After ten years of working in direct sales, I one day became interested in the healthcare field. I started out as a certified nursing assistant and decided that I wanted to move higher up the ranks in the medical field. I enjoy a challenge and thought that I would enjoy working my way up from the bottom even more. In 2009, I decided that I would enroll in a medical assistant degree program to achieve this.

During the second year of enrollment, while earning my degree, I moved from Albuquerque to Kansas City and gave birth to my daughter. This brought on many challenges, one of which was keeping up with my school work, but I managed to schedule classes online when needed. I also had to work part time in order to afford daycare, so time management was really important to me. Because of the flexibility in scheduling, I was able to continually hold a high GPA and finished with a 3.64 overall.

While at NAU, I met some fabulous professors and peers who helped engage me in the learning experience. I felt fully supported by many professors and staff members from my medical assisting program. This helped give me the courage and drive to finish my degree and strive for success.

One month after receiving my degree, I was hired as a physician’s specialist; and for the past year of employment as a medical assistant I have fully enjoyed my time spent at work. I no longer go to work feeling a lack of self-worth. Finishing my degree helped me to rise to the next level and venture further into my educational journey. I have recently completed my exam with AMT to become a registered medical assistant (RMA) and scored an 82 percent. I was given exceptional marks on my first annual job review, which noted that I am very valued as an employee. Because of my passion for education and success, I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Health Administration with a concentration in Health Information Systems. (BSHA/HIS)