Guided Online IT Certification Training

Guided Online IT Certification Training

Delivery Method: Online, Instructed Class

This methodology allows students to learn at their own pace at home or work with a certified instructor. Students choose when they want to study by leveraging flexible learning schedules that free them from being constrained by the traditional 9–5 multiday class schedule. This is accomplished through a learning environment which provides students with simultaneous access to information delivered via audio and video, a simulated production environment, and an instructor to guide them through the process and provide one-on-one support. Our real-time, cloud-based lab solution allows students to access their labs easily while they are learning. Students control the content covered and the pace at which they learn so they can focus on the specific skills they need to achieve their goals. Hands-on practice reinforces those skills and one-on-one support and guidance from a certified instructor increase comprehension and retention of course material. The result is a truly learner-centric training solution that meets the needs of a multitude of students with varying skill levels and learning preferences.

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