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Interested in a Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician Degree? Learn More

Over 330,000 Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technicians  and Technologists hold jobs in the U.S. today. Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technicians collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissue, etc. for abnormalities. According to O*Net Online, part of the American Job Center Network, Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician make $38,370 per year, or $18.45 per hour. Employment of Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians is projected to grow at least 22 percent (92,000 jobs) from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations due to an increase in the aging population. This increase in will lead to a greater need to diagnose medical conditions through laboratory procedures, such as cancer or type 2 diabetes.labtech

This career path requires knowledge of biology, chemistry, mathematics, English language, as well as customer and personal skills. It's also important to possess active listening skills, as you must be able to give full attention to what others are saying, as well as take the time to understand the points being made – errors and mistakes can be critical. Critical thinking skills are also required; the ability to use logic and reasoning is vital to identify solutions to problems.

While Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technicians  do most of their work behind the scenes, the work they do is rewarding, exciting, vital to providing patients with quality healthcare solutions. A large majority of these professionals work in hospitals and medical or diagnostic laboratories while a smaller percentage work in physicians’ and dentists’ offices, or in state or federal agencies.

National American University offers an Associate of Applied Science Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician degree to prepare students for a career in medical and scientific laboratories. The clinical laboratory courses include a classroom lecture component, as well as laboratory activities in a fully-equipped education laboratory. To provide a hands-on aspect, our students complete their degree with a two-part internship at a clinical laboratory.

Discover National American University’s on-campus programs and  health care classes online or contact us today at (855) 973-3689. We look forward to guiding you towards your dream career and providing you with the knowledge to do so!

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