Master of Science in Nursing FAQ

Why should I get a Master of Science in Nursing degree?
It is well-documented that the current nursing shortage must be addressed. In order to train the number of nurses required to keep up with demand, there will be a need for qualified nurse educators. Our MSN is focused on nursing education.

What can I do with a Master of Science in Nursing degree?
A Master's degree in Nursing can help you attain a role in a nursing leadership role in your current organization or provide the possibility of career advancement by changing companies or industries.

What is the career outlook for people with a Master of Science in Nursing?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that nursing instructors and teachers held 56,270 jobs in 2013.

Why choose National American University’s Master of Nursing program?
Our program is designed to help you become an agent for change by enhancing the career development and potential for people who want to become nurses. The online MSN program is flexible, affordable and convenient for people who have work and family responsibilities.

What are the admission requirements for the Master of Science in Nursing program at National American University?

For a full list of requirements to enroll in NAU’s online MSN program, please see our Admission Requirements page.

How are classes offered for a Master’s of Science in Nursing at National American University?
The classes in our MSN program are 100% online.

What services does National American University offer to support my academic success?
From the time you enroll until the time you complete your MSN degree program, you’ll get academic support; caring, dedicated faculty; and access to financial aid staff and resources.

Are there benefits for service members, veterans, and their families?
Absolutely! It is our honor to serve the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country. Click on the link to see how NAU helps with military education benefits.