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Tuition Advantage

Our students are like you—they live in the real world. That means commitments and obligations can complicate plans of going to school. We understand those challenges and we understand our students. Students choose National American University because we offer relevant programs with flexible study options and provide the support to help them succeed.

NAU Tuition Advantage

NAU introduces the NAU Tuition Advantage, which allows certain undergraduate students to reduce their tuition cost. An eligible student who completes 13.5 credit hours (generally 3 classes) will receive a lower tuition rate per credit hour for that academic quarter.

An eligible student who completes all courses in an undergraduate degree program at NAU, completing at least 18 credits (generally 4 classes) each quarter, can save approximately 35% of the total tuition cost compared to a student who completes only 9 credits (generally two classes) per quarter. Students with transfer credit and nursing students may also save, with actual savings depending upon the circumstances of each student.

Students who receive the NAU military tuition rate or another NAU special rate do not participate in the NAU Tuition Advantage, because they receive a reduced rate under those tuition plans.

Find out which tuition plan is right for you! 

NAU Tuition Advantage is available for eligible students. Course restrictions may apply. Time to complete a program is determined on credit hours earned per quarter. Tuition includes technology fee. Tuition excludes textbooks, some specialty course fees and other supplies. Rates are subject to change. Partial quarters and/or months will always round up. 

How do tuition and program length calculations work? 
90 Credit Hours ÷ 4.5 Credit Hours = 20 quarters 
20 quarters x $1900 = $38,000 
20 quarters x 3 months per quarter = 60 months 

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