Corporate Development

Why National American University?

Professional Development Your Way

Whether they need a skill to remain successful in their current position or want additional knowledge to accelerate their advancement, you know you have employees asking “What’s Next?”

They—and you—want a solution that’s effective and flexible without being intrusive. In other words, you and your employees want NAUx. Through short-term, skill-building courses that can take place virtually anywhere and anytime you choose, NAUx empowers you and your employees to be prepared for whatever comes next.

Not quite sure how to deliver your content? Let NAUx help develop your content or give you guidance on what needs to be developed to give your employees the information that they need in a convenient format.

Your Content Your Way

NAUx can help your organization build new or already existing content into an online platform that will provide valuable analytics, certificate generation, and an engaging content for your employees. NAUx can help your organization from content development, partial administration, to full administration of your online content.

Why NAUx Has To Offer

NAUx will:

* Help your organization create new engaging content that will provide long-term ROI

* Convert existing ‘on-ground’ content into an online format that works for your employees.

* Guide your organization through the online learning process with proven educational techniques.

* Provide administrative support for your organization when you need it.

NAUx will not:

* Slow down your organizational training goals or get in your way from delivering great training.

* Take over your organizational training content. NAUx is here to help you grow and succeed.

Contact Us

Do you have a question or need help deciding which courses are right for you? NAUx is just a phone call or email away. We’d be happy to answer your questions. You can also connect with us on social media or inquire about a program using this form.

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