Graduate-level training in luxury sales.

What business school executive education is to management, the LuxeScholars curriculum is to luxury retailing: an intensive program that propels you to the top of your profession.

As a student, you will receive the training needed to succeed at the very top tier of the luxury automobile market. You will learn what separates the luxury market from all others and be exposed to the best practices of top sales professionals in the field. Upon completion, you will acquire an official certification of your proficiency.

The program is designed to help you acquire and master a wealth of invaluable sales tools and techniques. For example:

Listening to prospects—identifying their needs, building a rapport, and establishing a relationship.

Learning what they want—asking the right questions to qualify the prospect’s buying motivations and purchase ability while formulating the right sales solution for their needs.

Leading the sales process—guiding the prospect through the presentation and demonstration of an agreed-upon solution to their needs, while emphasizing the benefits and features of this solution.

Launching—leveraging the relationship you have built to overcome objections, close the sale, and by demonstrating a thorough delivery and commitment to ongoing service and support, laying a foundation for future sales.

Why Choose NAUx

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Whether you need to keep your abilities sharp to maintain a certification or want to enhance your understanding to prepare for advancement, you know you need to get ready for what’s next in your career. Through the short-term courses at NAUx, a division of National American University, you can obtain the specialized knowledge and skills you need to keep moving forward—without the time and expense of earning a degree. Instead, learn on your schedule with online or on-location courses you can complete in one or two months, one or two weeks, or even one or two days. With courses offered year-round and new subjects added frequently, NAUx is always ready to help you answer “What’s Next?”

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