Helping patients have a positive healthcare experience isn’t just up to doctors and nurses. Health Unit Coordinators (HUCs) work to ensure that important information is thoroughly and accurately recorded and stored for future reference.

Even if you have no previous professional healthcare experience, NAUx can prepare you to become a nationally certified HUC through a program that is:

  • Relevant. Curriculum is taken right from the certification exam administered by the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC).
  • Personal. Learn directly from experienced HUCs who are also active NAHUC members.
  • Forward-Focused. Our longstanding relationships within the healthcare industry can help you secure an HUC position after completion.

Why Choose NAUx

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Whether you need to keep your abilities sharp to maintain a certification or want to enhance your understanding to prepare for advancement, you know you need to get ready for what’s next in your career. Through the short-term courses at NAUx, a division of National American University, you can obtain the specialized knowledge and skills you need to keep moving forward—without the time and expense of earning a degree. Instead, learn on your schedule with online or on-location courses you can complete in one or two months, one or two weeks, or even one or two days. With courses offered year-round and new subjects added frequently, NAUx is always ready to help you answer “What’s Next?”

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