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Associate to Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program
Also called the 2 + 2 degree completion program, National American University has developed strategic partnerships with various educational institutions throughout the United States. The program allows students with associate degrees to transfer into bachelor’s degree programs offered at NAU.

Degree Completion Programs
The degree completion programs at NAU are designed for students with associate degrees, diplomas or certificates in specialty areas. These programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals who have acquired occupation-related preparation at community colleges, technical institutions, military service schools, and/or training classrooms in their field of specialty. Students have the opportunity to complete a portion of the bachelor’s degree requirements at their local community college or technical college and then transfer into one of NAU’s bachelor’s degree completion programs. Combined with industry-driven curricula and general education courses, these degrees will prepare students for advancement in the areas associated with their specialty field.

Our staff is devoted to helping students balance their education with their personal and professional obligations—it’s our commitment. Through dedicated learner support services, highly qualified faculty, and quality academic programs, NAU strives to provide a caring and supportive learning environment to ensure student success.

To find out more about the 2+2 program or which schools NAU has partnerships with, call 1-800-209-0182.