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Previous Student Information

Welcome back to National American University! We are excited that you want to finish your degree with NAU. Now is the time to get back into class and finish what you started. Graduation will be here before you know it! 

Re-entry Students 
Already earned your diploma or associate's degree with NAU? Not a problem. We can help you get started into the next degree option available for you. Below you will find some helpful information on how to get back into class and earn your degree!

If you want to finish where you left off or advance to the next degree, start with filling out your re-entry application.   

Re-entry Application 

After you fill the re-entry application out, one of our enrollment and completion advisors will reach out to you and help you with the next steps in getting back into classes! 

NAU Transcripts 
If you previously attended our university and need to order your National American University transcripts you can do so at the link below. 

NAU Transcript Order Request