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Business Administration Bachelor of Science

A business admin program

A business admin program

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

NAU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program provides you with an understanding of the key functional areas of business. This versatile program is designed to prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in business, industry and government. Emphasis is placed on communications, teamwork, ethics, and the skills for managing in diverse and globally engaged organizations, providing a solid foundation for success in the business field. It will also help you develop the skills to become a successful entrepreneur or grow an existing business.

Program Disclaimers

Canada Online programs are only available to non-US citizens residing in Canada. All courses are only offered online, with the exception that flight instruction in the BS Aviation Management degree program is offered in Sioux Falls, SD.

Program Laddering

Graduates who complete the bachelor’s degree programs will be prepared to enroll in graduate programs in fields such as business administration or management.

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