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Business Administration, emphasis in Supply Chain Management Bachelor of Science

A supply chain management program

A supply chain management program

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, emphasis in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has emerged as a distinct field to meet the needs of the growing global supply chain, the series of business processes that move products from initial order to acquisition of raw materials, production, and distribution to the customer. With projections that global supply chain activities will continue to expand and integrate new technologies and practices, supply chain management has become an increasingly attractive career path for today’s business students. In the Bachelor of Science Business Administration Emphasis Supply Chain Management program, you will learn to coordinate the various aspects of the supply chain in order to optimize efficiency while maintaining high quality and customer satisfaction. You will also be challenged to consider how supply chain management integrates supply and demand management with product design, marketing, sales, finance, and information technology, as well across partner companies.

Key Courses

  • Logistics & Transportation Management
  • Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing & Distribution Channels
  • Manufacturing Planning & Control
  • Quality Management in the Supply Chain
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management

Program Disclaimers

Canada Online programs are only available to non-US citizens residing in Canada. All courses are only offered online, with the exception that flight instruction in the BS Aviation Management degree program is offered in Sioux Falls, SD.

Program Laddering

Graduates who complete the bachelor’s degree programs will be prepared to enroll in graduate programs in fields such as business administration or management.

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