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Organizational Leadership Bachelor of Science

An organizational leadership school

An organizational leadership school

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

Managers today need the necessary skills to be effective leaders. This online college degree is perfect for the working professional who recognizes the need to develop his/her individual leadership abilities. As a graduate of this program, you will have a distinct advantage over other managers and can expect to find career opportunities in a wide range of organizational leadership positions.

Key Courses

  • Principles of Organizational Leadership
  • Organizational Culture and Leadership
  • Learning Organizations
  • Organizational Development & Change
  • Organizational Leadership Action Research I
  • Organizational Leadership Action Research II

Program Disclaimers

Canada Online programs are only available to non-US citizens residing in Canada. All courses are only offered online, with the exception that flight instruction in the BS Aviation Management degree program is offered in Sioux Falls, SD.

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