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Certificate Nuclear Weapons Operations and Policy

Certificate Nuclear Weapons Operations and Policy

Certificate Nuclear Weapons Operations and Policy

This certificate exposes students to nuclear weapons fundamentals, effects, stockpiles, and foreign nuclear weapons capabilities/proliferation. The certificate advances the exploration of the responsibilities of dealing with nuclear weapons, the basic design and effects of nuclear weapons, the evolution of nuclear weapon policy, effects nuclear weapons operations and the purpose of the US nuclear enterprise with concepts of nuclear deterrence. This certificate specifically covers the evolution of US nuclear weapons policy and nuclear deterrence theory and the application of nuclear weapons within the instruments of national policy.

Students in some programs may be required to…

Key Courses

  • HIST350 - Strategy and Tactics
  • INT415 - Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Weapons
  • MGT380 - Conflict Resolution
  • SEC300 - Certificate Portfolio

Additional Program Info

Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Explain and discuss nuclear weapon capabilities, and effects as well as U.S. nucle¬ar policy, and joint nuclear doctrine (NW 305)
  • Explain and discuss evolution of U.S. nuclear weapons policy, nuclear deterrence theory, applications of nuclear weapons within the instruments of national policy, factors influencing policy, foreign nation nuclear weapons drivers, and proliferation concerns (NW 401)
  • Apply the basic principles of military strategy and tactics and cite examples from the history and evolution of warfare
  • Describe the characteristics of CBRN agents, delivery systems, and the psychological aspects of CBRN weapons
  • Explain the strategic and tactical utility of each type of CBRN weapon in various kinds of conflict
  • Recognize the primary cause and dynamics of conflict and identify appropriate means of conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, and basic diplomacy for a given situation
  • Synthesize and reflect upon knowledge gained upon certificate completion

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