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Certificate Strategic Intelligence

Certificate Strategic Intelligence

Certificate Strategic Intelligence

This Certificate is designed for the student who wants to be able to describe and explain the role strategic intelligence plays in United States foreign policy from both a historical and contemporary perspective. In this program, the student will look at several means of collecting and analyzing multi-discipline information, but remain focused on the need and ability to synthesize all of this data, however collected, into objective and cohesive All Source products. Students will learn how to maintain group productivity and cohesion in situations where different people or groups must be able to keep information (or perhaps even their existence) secret from each other (“compartmentalization”). And finally, this program will teach students how to prepare target packages on personnel and inanimate targets for use in military, national, and competitive intelligence sectors, to evaluate target packages to predict future threat activities, and to provide cogent recommendations to decision makers based on target packages.

Students in some programs may be required to…

Key Courses

  • INT560 - Strategic Intelligence
  • INT570 - All-Source Intelligence
  • MGT551 - Intelligence Team Management
  • INT680 - Operational Concepts and Planning (Targeting)

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