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Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science

A criminal justice program for Ellsworth AFB, SD

A criminal justice program for Ellsworth AFB, SD

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

You have a heart for service to the community—and we have the heart to help prepare you for success. NAU’s Criminal Justice program provides you with the skills necessary to make insightful decisions in the field and prepare you to join other admirable public servants in your community. With active law enforcement officers and attorneys teaching many of our courses—you will receive the foundation you need coupled with real world experience from the field.

The Program’s Mission is to equip students with the ability to think critically about the cause and effect of criminal behavior; to approach investigations, corrections, and rehabilitation using current evidence-based practices; to provide students with the ethical guidelines and skills necessary to make insightful decisions in the field; and to prepare students to join the ranks of exemplary public servants within their communities.

Students in some programs may be required to…

Key Courses

  • Introduction to Forensics in Criminal Justice
  • U.S. Corrections
  • Criminal Law
  • Cybercrime in Criminal Justice
  • Homeland Security and Terrorism

Program Disclaimers

State certification bodies and individual agencies may have additional criteria that must be met before a candidate can become a certified or licensed law enforcement officer. Please review that criterion with the state, agency, or department of interest. NAU is not a Minnesota POST Board Certified Professional Peace Officer Education Program. Without reciprocity, students in Minnesota are not eligible to sit for the licensing exam upon completion of an NAU Bachelor Science/Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice degree Programs.

Program Laddering

"Criminal Justice Accelerated Master's Program"

Dual Credit courses in Criminal Justice Administration are offered for undergraduate students interested in earning a Master’s of Management with a Criminal Justice Administration emphasis, saving time and money for students ready to accelerate their opportunities for promotion, teaching, and understanding in this field!

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