Building relevant skills for your future.

In order to be relevant in the workplace, you need skills that are relevant to the demands of today’s technology driven world. National American University offers focused Information Technology degree programs both on-campus and online in the areas of networking, database and programming as well as programs for specialized skills in the areas you need to meet the challenges of today’s organizations. Whether you're looking for a computer security degree with on-campus courses, or an information systems degree online, NAU offers it all.

Careers in Information Technology

With the ever-changing and growing world of technology, today's work force is in need of skilled professionals in this field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "The high demand for the services provided by this industry has created a large number of fast-growing and high-paying IT jobs." Here are just a few of the fast growing careers in the IT industry:


NAU Programs

NAU offers Information Technology degrees at the diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degree level. Concentration areas at the bachelor’s degree level include:

*Program offerings vary by location. Contact your local campus to receive more information!