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Teaching Certificate Programs

Masters level teaching certificate programs.

Expand your opportunities
with a teaching certification

We know the dedication and hard work it took to earn your master’s degree. That’s why NAU is now offering graduate certificate programs to help you expand your knowledge that qualifies you to teach in additional fields.

Certificate program details:

  • 6 courses in each certificate program
  • 18 graduate semester hours/27 quarter credits
  • Completion meets the requirements to teach at the post-secondary level
  • $6000 per certificate – that’s only $1000 per course (normally a $15,000 value)
  • Industry current content

We offer the following certificate programs

Accounting Certificate

The Accounting Certificate program will help you to prepare and analyze reports and data needed by management to make critical business decisions as well as recognizing and avoiding ethical conflicts within the business. Additionally, you will be able to perform financial statement audits both as an external and internal auditor, including forensic fraud examinations. Finally, you will be able to contrast the differences between financial statement accounting of for-profit and non-profit enterprises and the implications of the U.S. tax code on business and individual tax payers today. This well rounded program prepares you to pursue a number of different options in the accounting profession both in public accounting and within industry either as an accountant, auditor or tax professional.

Criminal Justice Certificate

The Criminal Justice Certificate program provides you the opportunity to earn a certificate demonstrating knowledge of core criminal justice policies and procedures as they relate to a real-world environment. Focus is on the understanding of the various actors, and the respective role that each actor plays, for facilitation and management of current law enforcement efforts. The curriculum includes classes in Law & Public Policy, Criminal Justice Management Topics, Management of Critical Incidents, Criminal Justice Planning & Innovation, Cyber Crime Security and Investigation, and Homeland Security Operations.

Cybersecurity Certificate

This certificate program prepares you to practice your Cybersecurity subject matter expertise (SME) and knowledge in industry standards to be compliant with regulatory, laws, and privacy acts. You will complete the five courses and an industry practitioner-based certification course such as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP). Upon completion, you will be able to manage the enterprise security for an organization by designing overarching enterprise security policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines. Additionally, you will contribute your security knowledge to industry and influence stakeholders to make smart security decisions.

Economics Certificate

This program develops economic reasoning skills and helps you know how to construct and deploy economic models to evaluate real world challenges and develop practical solutions. The program’s theoretical and empirical foundation in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics prepares you for the courses in applied economics. At the completion of the program you will be well prepared for a diverse set of career choices in the private and public sector such as policy, analyst, consultant, or teaching economics at the post-secondary level.

E-Marketing certificate

The graduate E-Marketing certificate program will build skills for developing, implementing, and monitoring successful digital marketing strategies. The certificate includes such topics as marketing administration, e-commerce, social media marketing and analytics. Successful completion of certificate provides you with a
well-rounded understanding of e-marketing.

Health Care Administration Certificate

Graduates of the certificate in Health Care Administration will create plans for healthcare initiatives based on documented best practices with consideration given to related fiscal, regulatory, and policy issues. Topics include healthcare administration, global issues in health care and fiscal and regulatory issues.

Human Resource Certificate

The Human Resource Certification program is designed to provide you with a broad range of Human Resource Management competencies that will equip you for a successful HR career. Topics covered include Employment and Labor Law, Training and Development, Organizational Behavior, Employee Evaluation and Compensation, Budget and Resource Allocation, and Statistical Analysis for HR professionals. You will gain insight into real-world HR issues through case analysis, HR simulations, and a variety of other learning methods. Like the real world of HR, you will be exposed to a variety of learning activities that challenge your knowledge and expand your competencies.

Supply Chain Management Certificate

The certificate in Supply Chain Management provides professional competencies that enable leaders and supply chain professionals to realize the full potential of their supply chain, for example: global supply chain, strategy, financial analysis, contracts, logistics, and domestic and international operations.