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Q. Why should I get an MBA? 

A. If you’re looking for career advancement or change, or if your career goals include landing a leadership position, you should consider an MBA program.

Q. What can I do with an MBA?

A. A business administration degree can help you advance in nearly any industry. The classes in our MBA program will help you develop the communication, problem-solving, and management skills you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

Q. What is the career outlook for people with an MBA?

A. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 19% growth in management analyst jobs and 32% growth in market research analyst jobs by 2022.

Q. Why choose National American University’s MBA program?

A. If you’re currently working, you need flexible education options. Our online MBA is affordable and convenient.

Q. What are the admission requirements for an MBA at National American University?

A Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States or from an international institution of higher learning recognized by the ministry of education or other appropriate government agency. For more information, please see our Admission Requirements page.

Q. How are classes offered for an MBA at National American University?

A. The classes in our MBA program are 100% online.

Q. What services does National American University offer to support my academic success?

A. From the time you enroll until the time you complete your MBA, you’ll get academic support; caring, dedicated faculty; and access to financial aid staff and resources.

Q. Are there benefits for service members, veterans, and their families?

A. Absolutely! It is our honor to serve the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country. Click on the link to see how NAU helps with military education benefits.