CVT Program

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology

Associate of Applied Science

National American University’s (NAU) Associate of Applied Science Invasive Cardiovascular Technology (CVT) degree program is designed to prepare students to function in cardiac catheterization labs as a patient caregiver and team member in order to assist cardiologists in performing a variety of complex diagnostic and interventional procedures. These professionals assist in all phases of the catheterization procedures, including preparing the sterile procedure field, inserting equipment, operating electronic instruments, calculating and analyzing diagnostic data acquired, and applying interventional technologies as required. The cardiovascular technologist may also assist in the invasive interventional procedures designed to repair and restore function to the heart and peripheral vessels, including intravascular angioplasty and stent placement, cardiac valve repair or replacement congenital defect repair and cardiac pacemaker insertion. The Associate of Applied Science Invasive Cardiovascular Technology degree program was designed using the national curriculum for cardiovascular technology and utilizes active, hands-on learning to help prepare students for this fast-growing industry.

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NAU offers courses online, on-campus, or a combination of both, depending on program and availability.

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