medical management

Medical Staff Services Management

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The medical staff services management (MSSM) online associate degree is designed to prepare graduates to work in a hospital or health care facility as a credentialing expert. A certified MSSM is qualified to become an integral part of health care administration that would be responsible for: managing compliance, adherence to government regulations, credentialing of staff, operations management (staffing, budgets, database administration, etc.), continuing education, and upholding organizational policies, procedures and regulations. The coursework for the MSSM program helps prepare you for the Certified Professional in Medical Staff Services Management or the Certified Professional Credentialing Specialist examinations which are recognized as the standard in the medical services profession and are a symbol of excellence within the industry. Earning these credentials signifies that you have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today's complex medical credentialing environment.

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