Microsoft Certified

MCITP Network Management


A diploma in MCITP network management is a strong one to have. This program provides students with an in-depth knowledge of network design and operation. Graduates of this program have the necessary skills to manage and provide technical support for a computer network. The focus on Microsoft networking helps prepare students to take the Microsoft MCITP Enterprise Administrator exams.

In a career world where technology is taking over, any career in the technological realm is bound to have a good post-graduate outlook whether you just get your diploma or move on to higher education. Nearly every company nowadays has a need for a computer support team, so you will be provided with a wide range of career options in a field that is becoming increasingly demanding. Look through the different NAU online college courses to see what the program are like and decide if one is right for you. It's perfect for anyone looking for a long-term career with potential to advance.

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*The reduced military tuition rate and instructional and technology fee waiver currently apply to all programs except MCITP Network Management and Network and Server Administrator.
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