Transfer Student


There's more than one way to transfer credit
Because we understand that adult learners earn experience and training through different stages in life, we offer more opportunities for you to earn transfer credits. Transfer students have the option of having their experience evaluated for credits they have earned in real life to help them save time and money on earning their degree. 

Military Experience and Training
NAU also offers multiple transfer opportunities such as CLEP and DSST, as well as personalized military training evaluations to see how your experience and training could be used as transfer credit! 

Professional experience and training
We know many working adults have gained incredible job experience and training that has provided them with real-world knowledge of their industry. For this reason we offer opportunities for potential transfer credit for experiential learning through portfolio and corporate training evaluations.Learn more about Non-traditional credits that may be available to you!

College Credits
NAU offers personalized transcript evaluations to determine if your prior coursework could turn into college credit, saving you time and money on earning your education.Talk to your admissions advisor about where to send copies of transcripts from other colleges to be reviewed for transfer credit opportunities.  Also, NAU has a long-standing relationship with many community colleges. Check out community college page for information about transfer agreements.