Alumni Tuition Benefit


In recognition of National American Universities Alumni and their significant achievement, we offer a 10% Alumni Tuition Benefit so they can further their education by pursuing a higher-level degree, second degree, certificate or individual courses with NAU.


  • Graduated from a diploma, associates, bachelors, graduate or doctoral degree with National American University.
  • The Alumni Tuition Benefit may not be utilized concurrently with any other National American University sponsored grant, scholarship, benefit program or other reduced tuition rates, but can be used in lieu of any other tuition rate if it provides a better financial opportunity for the student.
  • The Alumni Tuition Benefit can only be applied to the NAU Undergraduate Advantage Tuition or the regular Doctoral or Master’s tuition rates only.

For more information, please contact your Finance Counselor by calling 855-448-2318


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