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Business Administration Online Associate Degree Kansas City, MO


The business administration online associate degree gives students knowledge and strategic mind-set required for career success in the field of business. This degree prepares students for a career in a variety of entry-level positions in business sectors, including banking, finance, sales, insurance, and management.

Graduates may apply their degree toward completion of a business administration bachelor’s degree, where they can specialize in accounting, entrepreneurship, financial management, international business, marketing, management, management information systems, organizational culture, change, and conflict, security management, supply chain management, or tourism and hospitality management.

Graduates of the program will:

  • Explain the major concepts in finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and management.
  • Use current technology and computer applications in support of business.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.

Course Listing (90 Credits)

AC1060     Principles of Accounting I

AC1160     Principles of Accounting II

EC2050     Macroeconomics

EC2100     Microeconomics

FN3000     Business Finance I

MG3000     Marketing

MT1050     Introduction to Business

MT2050     Principles of Management

MT3550     Entrepreneurship and Small Business

MT3653     Business Administration Capstone

AC, EC, FN, LA, MG, MT, OL, or OM courses


EN1150 Composition I

EN1300 Composition II

EN2100 Speech 4.5 OR
EN2150 Interpersonal Professional Communication


SC Science Elective


MA2000 Quantitative Reasoning

Humanities/Behavioral/Social Science

Humanities/Behavioral/Social Science Elective

General Education

CS1201 Juggling College, Life, and Career: Set Up for Success!

CS1301 Do the Numbers! Achieving College and Career Success

CS2086 Career Path Planning

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.