Paralegal Studies

Bachelor of Science Degree

National American University offers both a Bachelor Degree of Science degree and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies. Paralegals, sometimes called legal assistants, may be employed in law firms; corporate legal departments; local, state, and federal government offices; bank and trust offices; and other offices requiring analytical and communication skills. Under the supervision of an attorney, a paralegal may interview clients and witnesses; draft court pleadings and other legal documents; perform legal research; research medical, police, and other records; attend hearings; assist in trial preparations; and assist at trial. A paralegal may not give legal advice, represent a client in court, or set fees. Students receive their paralegal education from experienced attorneys. Students also receive valuable experience during their internships in law firms and other law-related offices. Any person convicted of a felony may not serve as a paralegal in the State of South Dakota without the approval of the South Dakota Supreme Court.

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