Sexual Complaint Reporting

Sexual Assault Reporting

If a student has been sexually assaulted, the student should immediately call 911 or local law enforcement. In addition, if the assault occurred on campus or involved another student or university employee, the student should promptly report the incident to the campus executive officer.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Reporting

Students who have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination should immediately contact the campus executive officer in accordance with the university’s Harassment and Non-discrimination Policy. The student should also report the incident to the Office of Student Concerns.

Karen Hoffman
System Director for the Office of Student Concerns
5301 S. Highway 16
Rapid City, SD 57701
605-394-4805 (Office)

External Resources

Sexual Assault Hotlines

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Department of Defense Safe Helpline (Military Students)

Counseling Services

Student Assistance Counseling Program

External Complaint Filing

Office of Civil Rights

*Additional resources may be available in your local community. Please contact your campus executive officer or the Office of Student Concerns for more resources.