Tuition & Fees


Earning a degree or certificate is an investment in your future. NAU provides several financial options, scholarships, and benefits you can find here to assist students with paying for their tuition costs.

Below you will find common tuition costs. Tuition pricing and applicable fees may vary by program.

Alumni Tuition Benefit

Are you an NAU or HP graduate looking for your next degree? Click here to view NAU's reduced tuition rate for graduates looking to pursue their next degree!

2022-23 Academic Year Tuition Schedule
(effective July 5, 2022)

Undergraduate Degree* Tuition (per credit hour)
0 to 45 credit hours earned $380.00
46 to 90 credit hours earned $342.00
91 to 135 credit hours earned $323.00
136 to 180+ credit hours earned $304.00
Military ID/DD214 $166.66
*Based on number of applicable units completed in degree program, undergraduate programs only; not applicable for all students/programs.

For more information on our undergraduate programs, please see:
College of Undergraduate Studies
College of Legal Studies

Master’s Degree Tuition (per credit hour)
Per Course $2,625.00 (per course)
Military ID/DD214 $260.00

For more information on our graduate programs, please see:
Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School

Doctoral Degree Tuition (per credit hour)
EdD $800.00
Military ID/DD214 $750.00


For more information on our doctoral programs, please see:
Doctor of Education

Henley-Putnam Tuition (per credit hour)
Undergraduate* $290.00
Undergraduate* Military ID/DD214 $166.66
Master's $2,500.00 (per course)
Master's Military ID/DD214 $260.00
Doctoral $475.00
Doctoral Military ID/DD214 $450.00

*Excludes Criminal Justice programs.

For more information on our strategic security programs, please see:
Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security

For information regarding tuition and fees for Canadian programs, please refer to the NAU Canada Online website.


All new undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral students are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable $75 matriculation fee. Additionally, all students are required to pay a $50 resource material fee for each eligible course. Effective, July 5, 2022, all students are required to pay a mandatory $50 technology fee per course. Specialty course fees including dual credit fees may change based on course availability. For further information, contact a financial services representative.