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Financial Aid

We believe you deserve an education.  Earning a degree is an investment that will pay you dividends with increased salary and career opportunities.  You’re here right now because you have a goal in mind – something that will improve your life.  Finding a plan to help you finance your education is what we can do for you. 

There are different types of financial assistance that will help you pay for college. Grants and scholarships are aid that does not have to be paid back.  Student loans are just that – loans that have to be paid back, with interest.  Scholarships and tuition assistance benefits are gifted-money that do not have to be repaid.

Financial Services Contact Information

If you have any questions or need assistance completing these applications, please do not hesitate to contact your Finance Counselor Team at

Types of Aid

Federal Financial Aid

Before you apply for financial aid, determine how much aid you will need to cover your tuition, fees, and books.  If taking out student loans, be mindful that these loans must be paid back whether or not you graduate.  We encourage you to take the least amount of loans possible so that your loan repayment amount is manageable.


We understand affordability is an important factor in considering your education goals.  That's why we encourage you to research the multitude of scholarships available, including those offered by NAU.  Scholarship searches take time, but they are worth it!  Scholarships are free money for school. Check out this great video on Scholarships! Scholarship search sites we recommend:

Check out this scholarship list or contact our financial team to learn more about finding a financial plan that meets your needs. 

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