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Your success started at National American University.  For over 70 years, alumni have given credit to National American University for their life-changing college experience.   We are proud of the personal and professional successes of our students. 

Keep in Touch

Get Connected Join fellow NAU alumni at NAU Connect. This free online platform allows you to connect and reconnect with NAU alumni; find career mentors and get industry advice; see career opportunities, and read NAU news and updates. Get connected at NAU Connect today! Whether you graduated when this university was called National American University, National College, National College of Business, or National School of Business we care to know how your life has changed since you were a student.  Share your information. Join the community of other graduates on LinkedIn and Facebook!


Each quarter our alumni receive our publication National News.  Here we share updates on alumni, university news, and campus events.  If you have not received this recently, we may have an incorrect mailing address.   Update your contact information.

NAU Foundation

Friends and alumni of National American University who believe in life-long learning have an opportunity to share in making a difference in the lives of others by donating to the NAU Foundation.  This is an independent organization that exists to support current and future students through scholarships.  Learn more.

Alumni Benefits

We thank you for selecting NAU for your college education.  In return, we offer you the following benefits:

  • Tuition Free Classes – Stay current in your career field. As a graduate, you may attend a course you have previously taken and passed at NAU.
  • Scholarships - NAU bachelor’s degree graduates may be eligible for a scholarship toward their master’s degree through the Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School. Click here for more information. 
  • No Application Fee – We don’t make you pay an application fee. As an NAU graduate, all you need to do is just fill out a new admissions application to get started in a new program.
  • Career Services – NAU’s career services website and support is available to alumni. Visit our Career Services website for great resources on job searching, changing careers, continuing education, and access to our career services team.

Remember When

Our Rapid City location was the first campus and it has changed a lot over the years.  Many of you have fond memories of dorm life, student organizations, and sports.   Read more about these days and what has evolved since in Milestones, the 70 Year Progression of National American University.  It’s available by contacting our alumni office.

Need Transcripts?

The Registrar's Office maintains the permanent academic records for all students. An official transcript is printed or transmitted on safety paper and carries the Registrar's signature certifying its authenticity. National American University has authorized Parchment to provide official transcript ordering online. To order an electronic or paper transcript, please create a secure account with Parchment by clicking here, or login to your Student Portal. For additional information on ordering transcripts, please click here

NAU’s Legacy Alumni: Stories from 1941-1950

NAU was founded in 1941. In this series of articles, we hear from graduates who were with NAU in the very beginning. They share what brought them to National School of Business, as it was called back then, and how their degrees shaped their future. Their stories are a unique collection of the university and its people in its earliest years. Click here to read them now! 

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