Celebrating Excellence: Susie S. Kuilan’s Promotion to Major General


At National American University (NAU), we are proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of our faculty member, Susie S. Kuilan. Recently confirmed by the US Senate to the rank of Major General, Susie’s dedication and service exemplify the highest standards of leadership and commitment.

A Distinguished Military Career

Susie S. Kuilan has had an illustrious career in the Army Reserve, marked by numerous commendable roles and significant contributions. She has held various positions, including leadership roles in institutional training commands and deployments that have tested and proven her capabilities. Her service has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Legion of Merit and the Meritorious Service Medal.

Academic Accomplishments

In addition to her military achievements, Susie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, a Master’s degree in English, MS in Strategic Studies, and a PhD in English. These academic accomplishments have significantly contributed to her role as an academic leader and faculty member with NAU.

Promotion to Major General

The rank of Major General is a significant milestone in any military career. This rank signifies a high level of trust and responsibility within the United States Army. As a Major General, Susie will be taking command of the largest Military Police unit in August. Before assuming this command, she will attend a professional education course required for general officers in July. This new role highlights her exceptional leadership and dedication to her country.

National American University’s Recognition

At NAU, we are immensely proud of Susie’s achievements. Her promotion to Major General not only reflects her personal dedication but also serves as an inspiration to our students and faculty. Susie’s journey from an accomplished academic to a highly respected military leader showcases the values of excellence, leadership, and commitment that we strive to instill in our community.

Congratulations, Susie!

Please join us in congratulating Susie S. Kuilan on her well-deserved promotion and wishing her continued success in her new role. We are honored to have such an exemplary individual as part of the NAU family.

For more details on Susie’s military career and achievements, you can visit her Army Reserve profile.


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