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Today, many companies assist their employees in financing their education through tuition reimbursement plans. Students at NAU may take advantage of this benefit. Check with your employer’s human resource department to find out which educational benefits may be available to you. Once you know if you qualify, let us know so we can help you fit this into your financial plan.

Because each company handles their tuition assistance programs differently, we’ll have you work with your personal NAU financial service representative to help you determine what paperwork may be needed. For example, we can help you establish payment authorization if your company’s plan includes direct billing.

All students using company tuition assistance resources are required to complete a National American University promissory note and provide payment or other supporting authorizations prior to the first day of class. Depending on how the benefits are administered, you may choose to make a cash payment, or financial aid may be available to assist you in covering the costs until you receive the reimbursement from your employer.

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