Continuing Education






Open a world of opportunities both personally and professionally with National American University’s Continuing Education and Professional Studies Division. Our courses will help you to advance in your current career, increase your current skill set to move into a new career, or simply gain knowledge as a lifelong learner. With courses and certifications ranging from one day self-improvement courses, to more extensive courses in business, management, and IT, NAU has what you are looking for.

Business and Professional

As organizations grow and evolve they often seek leaders from within their own walls. Why not look to advance a skill you currently have or learn a new one to be the leader of choice.


Do you know that a certification in a specific area is exactly what you need to advance in your current career or enhance your resume? Do you need continuing education unit credits (CEU’s) or recertification credits in your current profession? We have a wide range of certification tracks, CEU opportunities, and professional development options for you.

Executive Education

Executive Education classes feature unique and compelling topics designed to help you and your business succeed. These classes aid in career, professional, and personal development.


The demand for people to be knowledgeable and trained in healthcare fields is high and that demand continues to grow. If you have the desire to work in the healthcare industry, we have several courses available for you to “test the waters.” With our healthcare related courses, we can give you a step in the right direction towards a career in the healthcare industry.

Information Technology

Everything we do has a technological feature, as a result the opportunity and advancement potential in Information Technology is high. Technology changes and we provide fast solutions to help with your technological demands in your current career or to find a new career.

Management and Leadership

Leading and managing by example is often easier said than done. Allow us to give you great managing and leadership tools to effectively move forward in your career, and help your team be successful. Set the bar high and exceed expectations.

Sales and Marketing

As an organization or as an employee of an organization, you rely heavily on the skills you have to promote your products and services. Having new tools and methods to be successful are vital to career growth and the ever-changing demand of products and services. With a wide variety of courses in sales and marketing, we can help you continue to grow and be the expert in products or services.

Workforce Development

Finding a fast and useful tool to be more marketable in the job market is tough. With workforce development courses, we spend time giving you the tools you need to be successful in the market you choose. The courses have been designed for easy navigation and are accelerated to provide you the valuable skills employers are seeking.