Recognizing Excellence: Dr. Chad Bushman Receives NAU’s “Best in Class” Faculty Award


At National American University (NAU), we take immense pride in our faculty members who serve as the cornerstone of our academic community. Our faculty embodies the core values of Integrity, Accountability, Pursuit of Excellence, Courage to Act, and Innovation, ensuring an unparalleled learning experience for our students. To honor faculty members who exemplify these values and go above and beyond to make a significant impact on their students, we established the prestigious “Best in Class” faculty award.

Meet Dr. Chad Bushman: A Beacon of Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that for the Winter 2023-2024 academic term, Dr. Chad Bushman has been bestowed with the esteemed “Best in Class” award. Nominated by his peers, Dr. Bushman’s dedication and commitment to fostering a transformative learning environment have set him apart.

Why Dr. Bushman Stands Out

Dr. Bushman’s exceptional teaching abilities and unwavering dedication to student success have earned him this distinguished accolade. His exemplary traits include:

• Delivering a positive and transformative student experience
• Enhancing student engagement through innovative teaching methods
• Demonstrating unparalleled teaching excellence and subject matter expertise
• Cultivating an inclusive, caring, and supportive learning environment
• Serving as a role model for fellow academics and instructors
• Exemplifying this year’s university initiative of excellence in collaboration skills
• Student testimonials speak volumes

Students under Dr. Bushman’s tutelage have attested to his profound impact:

• “Dr. Bushman’s teaching methods inspire creativity and critical thinking.”
• “Chad’s expertise and passion for the subject matter are truly remarkable.”
• “His engaging approach to instruction kept me fully immersed in the course material.”
• “I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this class, thanks to Dr. Bushman’s guidance.”

A Tribute to Excellence

Dr. Bushman’s contributions to our academic community extend far beyond the confines of this award. His unwavering dedication to student success exemplifies the ethos of National American University.


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