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Master of Science in Intelligence Management

Master of Science in Intelligence Management

Master of Science in Intelligence Management

The Master of Science Degree in Intelligence Management is earned by satisfactory completion of an online program equivalent to a year and a half of full time post-graduate study. This program emphasizes professionalism, proactive strategies, and a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the broad field of intelligence. It provides for high-level development of skills in intelligence analysis, counterintelligence, collection management, and intelligence operations. All courses are 4.5 quarter units unless otherwise noted.
All students must register for at least one required course per term, following the sequence of the first four courses; students may register for an elective at any time. Students with limited subject matter experience are strongly encouraged to enroll in INT 595 and INT 596 as their two electives.

Students in some programs may be required to…

Key Courses

  • INT511 - Advanced Analytical Methods
  • INT521 - Advanced Intelligence Collection
  • INT535 - Cover
  • INT550 - Advanced Open Source Intelligence
  • INT551 - Double Agents, Denial and Deception

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