Graduate Spotlight: Bernadette Fernandez


Billing Specialist
Diploma in Healthcare Coding
Fall 2011
Albuquerque West Graduate

Hi! I’m Bernadette Fernandez, a recent graduate of NAU from Espanola, NM. After graduating from Northern New Mexico College, I had no intentions of returning to school; however, my aunt mentioned pursuing a degree in medical billing and coding because it was in high demand and offered great pay. I first went to NAU merely to check the cost of tuition. Once there, though, my advisor Kim Jaramillo was very convincing and I enrolled.  I chose NAU because it was the only university that offered online classes and there was no way I could drive to Albuquerque to attend class, work, and raise my six year old son. All the staff is very helpful and welcoming.

The challenges that I had during my time at NAU were with dividing my time between school, work and family. I would work during the day, my son was in school, and my days off and night would be for homework. I would usually turn in my work right before Sunday at 11:50 pm. I loved all my professors even the tough ones. I couldn’t have done as well as I did without my amazing parents helping me watch my son.

Since graduation I got a job quickly and I like it so far. I am learning the billing world and find it interesting. I have great hours Monday through Friday and weekends with holidays off. It’s perfect for my son and me.

I have been able to use so many of my skills, especially those learned in Career Management. This class prepared me for my job search by showing me how to create a resume and also with interview help. I have no doubt that this helped with getting me a job quickly.

I would highly recommend NAU to everyone!!!


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