Graduate Spotlight: Kevin Kumpf


Kevin Kumpf
2012 Graduate
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology emphasis Network Management/Microsoft

Kevin has loved working with computers since he was a child. He decided at an early age that he wanted to turn his passion into a career. When the time came, Kevin pursued a degree in IT knowing that businesses have a growing need for IT professionals and he would have ample opportunity to follow his dreams. “I know I won’t regret it because every day I am learning something new and finding a way to help people be more productive at their jobs.”  Today Kevin has fulfilled his pursuits of both a degree in IT as well as an exciting new career in the field.

The oldest of four children in his family, Kevin is also setting a great example for his siblings. He hopes to continue his education towards a Master’s in Liberal Studies in Informatics.  He urges other students to also follow their ambitions. “If there is something you want to do, that you want to achieve…set out for it now. Don’t put it off because you may not have the time.”

For Kevin, NAU’s flexible scheduling helped him manage his own time to reach his goal. “Working full time and attending college full-time, though busy, was not impossible. NAU always had a mix of classes available online or in the evenings that I could take to fit with my work schedule,” he said. But Kevin first chose NAU because of the experienced staff.  “When I went to class I was learning from instructors that taught with a passion and had real life experience and knowledge.” Check out Kevin’s video to hear more about how NAU’s support helped make him the success he is today.


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