Never Give Up! – Tips from Mavericks on perseverance


One of the most amazing characteristics we have seen in our students here at NAU is their ability to persevere. Many of our students have met some difficult obstacles during their journey and faced times when they weren’t sure how they could keep going. But these amazing individuals have come out successful on the other end and can offer great advice for those of you on a similar journey. Here are some great tips and quotes from students and staff on ways to help you keep going and never give up.

Paint the picture
Everyone has a reason or motivation for wanting to continue their education, but sometimes in the midst of the hard work we forget about it. Give yourself a reminder of what motivated you to get started and how you will feel when you finally walk across the stage at graduation and receive your degree.

For Missy, walking across the stage at graduation didn’t just mean a better life for herself, but for her family as well. Her hard work and determination is helping her leave a legacy for her grandchildren. “What keeps me motivated is the fact that I have accomplished something I never thought I could do… and showing my grandchildren that going to school at any age is great.”

Take it a just a little at a time
Edgardo Castro is a 2011 graduate from NAU. He understands the hard work and determination it takes to complete your degree. Edgardo advises students to keep pushing forward even during the tough times. “It is always easier to give up right before everything is about to turn for the best. So when you feel like giving up just tell yourself ‘one more day.’”

“When things seem overwhelming the best way to approach your studies is one week at a time,” suggests Learner Services Advisor, Kendall Jones. “By breaking down the tasks each week, you can set small goals and tackle your tasks one day at a time.”

Stay positive
Medical assisting student, Sarah Dimas, said she learned she cannot let her past experiences determine her future ones. She advises other students to do the same. “Keep a positive attitude when going into each and every class,” she said.“And be sure to leave behind the ‘I can’t’ or ‘this is too hard’ and keep a positive attitude and be successful.”

One of the greatest obstacles to our own successes can be ourselves. That is why it’s so important to keep a positive attitude. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and some classes can seem intimidating, but approach each class with positive determination.

Ask for help NOW
Whether you are struggling with one class or unable to keep your focus in another—don’t be afraid to ask for help today. Many students wait until their struggles are too big for them to handle or they give up. If you have questions take some time to email, call or visit your instructor before your next due date approaches.

Accounting student, Rebecca, learned the importance of asking for help when she needed it and as a recent graduate she can appreciate the outcome. “The instructors are always there to help you, all you have to do is ask. If you don’t ask for help then no one can know to help you.”

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