Student Spotlight: Nicole Day


Meet Nicole Day
Pharmacy Technician student
Graduates in May 2013

Nicole is a dedicated student getting ready to graduate from NAU. Her commitment to reaching this goal has left an imprint on the hearts of many at NAU. Nicole has shown not only the students, but the faculty and staff at NAU, the meaning of determination and hard work. We are proud to celebrate the amazing examples of perseverance we see in students like Nicole.

Nicole has led her own incredible journey while attending NAU. She and her family faced hard times, but no matter what happened she kept going. Every week for the past three years Nicole walked forty minutes and then took an hour and a half bus ride to get to class. Afterwards she made that same journey back home. She was determined to reach her goals and despite the heat or the snow she never took a quarter off.

“If I took a quarter off I knew it would be hard for me to get going again,” she said.  Nicole knew she had to keep pushing through to reach her goals. “I just keep going until I reach my destination. I’m just the type of person that doesn’t give up…it’s like being in the boxing ring, once you fall down you just keep getting back up because if you quit you’ll never get anywhere.”

Nicole will soon walk across the stage to receive her diploma and continue the journey to reach all her dreams. Congratulations Nicole!

Contributions by Chad DeBruzzi, Academic Dean at NAU-Roseville

Published April 2013


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