Name the Maverick Contest Winners


And the winner is…Major the Maverick! Congratulations to Margaret Sena and Sharon Lemme for submitting the winning name! Read more about these Mavericks and their great ideas below.

Meet Margaret the Maverick

Margaret Sena
Albuquerque student

Why Major?
Margaret is a student at the NAU-Albuquerque location and graduates this year with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. She chose the name Major for two reasons. The first was NAU’s strong military support. When Margaret first came to NAU she was introduced to many military students and felt inspired by their incredible stories. “I thought this was a great way to honor them,” she said. The second reason was the importance of the major (or program) each student decides on when attending NAU. After all, she said, it is the reason we’re all here.

About Margaret
Margaret received her associate degree in 1998. She later moved and began working in the medical field in the Albuquerque area. Some time afterwards Margaret felt she needed a change. After she met her admissions advisor she knew NAU was the right place for her. “She was so excited and enthusiastic,” Margaret said. “It was empowering.” She later met with the rest of the staff at the NAU campus and felt welcomed knowing they would provide the support she needed. “The staff here [at NAU] make it easy to be a student.”

For Margaret graduation is right around the corner, but that is just the beginning of her journey. She has already been promoted twice in her organization and says she continues to grow with each class she takes. Margaret plans to move into management and gain some professional experience in leadership. Her goal is to one day open her own business. “My future goals keep me motivated as a student. I know that one day my hard work and new found knowledge will pay off. It feels like I just started and already I am graduating.”

What makes Margaret a Maverick?
According to Margaret, all NAU students are leaders, just like her. Margaret leads, she thinks outside the box and she wants to make a difference. No matter what the circumstances, she knows her hard work and determination will win. “Being a maverick is about continuing to move forward, regardless of what happens.”

Meet Sharon the Maverick

Sharon Lemme
Bloomington Student

Why Major?
Sharon had some special memories in mind when picking the name Major for the NAU Maverick. She used to dog sled and her team was guided by a strong leader named Major. One of her favorite dogs, Major, was a true maverick in her opinion. “He was always faithful and steadfast.”

She also found great inspiration from a strong military leader, Major Maquire. The name seemed to be a great way to honor both since the Army Major had some similar characteristics to the other Major in her life. “They were both very strong, intelligent and always going forward,” she said.

About Sharon
Sharon worked for years in advertising, constantly on the road and in hotels most of the week. At the age of 45 she decided she needed a change. Although advertising and sales was all she knew, she eventually made the step towards making a change. For Sharon, NAU seemed to be the right fit to help her move forward with her goals. “Everyone is accessible and always willing to help,” she said. “I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Sharon is now working towards her associate degree in medical administrative assistant at the Bloomington campus. The flexibility of on-ground and online classes has also allowed her to be able to work part-time.  Sharon is excited about the things she is learning and plans on enjoying her new career after graduation next year.

What makes Sharon a Maverick?

For Sharon there is no turning back, she just keeps moving. “I’m always going forward, not stopping.” Just like those Mavericks who inspired her, Sharon continues toward her goal and encourages others to do the same. “It doesn’t matter your age,” she says. “I’m 56 and I’m doing it.” She adds that NAU can meet students with flexibility, support and tutoring to help Mavericks like her lead the way.


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