Student Spotlight: Johnnie Brewer, III


Johnnie Brewer, III
Associate of
Applied Science in Criminal Justice
Spring 2012 Graduate-Denver

Hello, my name is Johnnie Brewer, III. My primary reason for furthering myself was to actually feel fulfilled in life and do something that I’ve always wanted to do. I wanted to be the first in my family to graduate college, I wanted my son to know his father is “actually somebody relevant,” and most of all I have a willingness to always want to learn. NAU provided me just that and so much more.

I faced challenges, like any other student, while earning my degree and they came in droves. I continued working a full-time job, attended the National Labor College for my Bachelor’s in Union Leadership and Administration, all while raising my 13 year old son. It was quite a bit to have on my shoulders.

Since graduation, I have become much more of a role model in my professional and personal life. The real world approaches that I’ve been taught are going to last a lifetime. Furthering my education has allowed me to increase my income potential and further myself in my career. I also feel that I have an abundance of choices in terms of finding a career.

I owe a great amount of gratitude to the faculty and staff of the university, forever! I have really enjoyed the personalized attention to detail that the instructors, counselors, and staff gave to me. No one was ever too important to have that one-on-one, and I will be forever grateful for my new found friends.

Contributed by Myhisha Webb

Published February 2013


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