Student Spotlight: Matias Aragon



Matias Aragon
Bachelor of Science in Applied Management
Spring 2012 Graduate – Albuquerque West

Hello, my name is Matias Aragon. I decided to attend National American University after putting off secondary education for many years. I was a single parent to my two sons and was unable to attend college when my boys were younger. When I decided to make an appointment with an NAU advisor, I was convalescing after a surgery from an injury sustained during my tour in the New Mexico Army National Guard. That decision turned out to be one that has brought significant changes to my life and the lives of my family and friends.

During my “college years,” I met some amazing people and learned some great skills that I use on a daily basis. I‘m very glad that I was required to take the Strategies for Success course, as this course has made the most difference. The course, as well as the daily emails from the Pacific Institute, has changed my life and the lives of those around me. Strategies for Success, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and the success I have encountered at work have inspired many of my family and friends to seek out their college education and set meaningful life goals. I am so gracious to the staff, instructors, advisors, NAU Albuquerque/Albuquerque West leadership, and fellow graduates for the wonderful, life changing experiences while at NAU.

I have continued to work for a very large financial institution and will soon be expanding my role from a Loan Operation Processor to a Business Systems Consultant. The skills I have learned and practiced at NAU have prepared me for my continued upward mobility within my organization and company.

Contributed by Myhisha Webb

Published February 2013


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