Top 5 Degrees You Can Earn Online


Today, online degrees are becoming more and more popular, particularly for those with busy schedules and adults returning to school. A full-time student spends about forty hours per week in class, leaving little time for family, a job, and other responsibilities – traditional daytime classes don’t always work for everyone’s schedule. By working towards your degree online, you can prioritize your time and create your own schedule that works for you. Oftentimes, classes at brick and mortar colleges are only offered on specific days, during specific times which may not work for you if you have prior engagements, such as a full-time job or children to care for.

You can receive your degree online in a large variety of subjects, whether you’re looking to receive your associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or even your master’s. These degree programs also often offer cheaper tuition due to the fact schools do not have to pay for furniture, electricity, heat and air conditioning, etc. With today’s technology, you can receive similar interaction with classmates through the use of message boards, video, and more.

Below are the top five most popular online college degrees that students are earning.

1.       Business
A degree in business sets students up for success in a variety of industries. From human resources to finance, management, to supply chain management, there are many industries that offer meaningful and long-lasting careers for those with a business degree.

2.       Computer Information Technology
These is a high demand for those with the education to protect the security, availability, confidentiality, and integrity of data and delivery systems within many industries.

3.       Criminal Justice
The criminal justice field is a high rewarding industry where there are many jobs available, from hands-on positions to behind-the-scenes career opportunities.

4.       Nursing
Nurses are always in high demand and a large majority of this degree can be completed online. As another rewarding field helping those in need, students are offered the opportunity to further their education in nursing as they advance in their careers.

5.       Education
Studying education online is just one of many technology-driven changes that are revolutionizing the field. Those who receive their degree in education online may be even more valuable as teachers, as it shows they have experience in connecting teaching with today’s current technology trends.

These are just a few of the hundreds of online degrees that have become popular among students. Online degrees hold a large variety of benefits for those that hold other responsibilities and simply don’t have the time to attend a traditional program during the day. Whether you’re looking for an associate’s degree in criminal justice or your bachelor’s in nursing, there are many programs and degrees out there that you can receive online.


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