Program Fit: Is IT right for me?


Breaking down the lingo may help you understand if a degree in Information Technology is right for you!

Information Technology degrees continue to be a consideration for many students looking to go back to school. As our world of technology continues to grow and advnace, one cannot help but wonder is this the right degree for me?

For many students, the technical lingo may not translate for those with a general interest in computers or information technology. Breaking down the lingo and your interests may help you find the program that’s right for you. At NAU we describe our different IT programs in three areas: database, networking and programming.

  • Database programs explore information and all the ways to store information. This type of program may be more appealing to people who want to work with data mining.
  •  Networking entails all the elements that make it possible to share information. This is a more customer-service based area and more suitable to people looking to work with others and interested in setting up computers, networks and diagnosing network issues.
  • Programming is writing code or “the written directions” for computers. This is for students that think logically and like to solve problems and puzzles or are interested in web and web application design.

Some programs concentrate on computer security, which encompasses all three of these IT areas, but focuses more on gatekeeping and policing. So which one is right for you? Start looking at your interests and natural talents to assess which area you might feel most comfortable. If you know others working in the industry start asking questions about what interests them about information technology.

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