Program Fit: Opportunities with Healthcare Management


Considering a degree Healthcare Management? Find out how this program could fit your needs!

The world of health care continues to be an area many students consider when going back to school. With numerous job openings in the health care industry and talent shortages in some areas, it only makes sense that you may consider your future in medical and health care services. A degree in healthcare management could be the right fit for you.

What is a degree in healthcare management for?

Great question! Healthcare management is designed for individuals interested in finding career opportunities in the healthcare industry in administrative and leadership positions. Many students who enter this field have invested interest in a career in healthcare or would like to accelerate their healthcare experience.

Finding the right fit

It can be a difficult decision to make when choosing the right degree program. When deciding on any program area it is always important to ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do I have invested interest in this area?
  • Will it help me in the future? 
  • Does it fit my lifestyle?

After you examine the answers to these questions, then you can decide where and how you get started.

Do I have invested interest in healthcare management?

First and foremost you must have an interest in medical and health care services. Medical and healthcare managers do not deal with direct patient care, but help run the everyday operations of numerous types of health care facilities and organizations. Most students who choose a healthcare management degree have either an interest in being a part of the healthcare field and/or experience in the field. Earning a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management can prepare you for these career opportunities. If you are excited about the opportunity of entering the healthcare industry or if you have experience in the industry you’d like to take to the next level, this could be a great fit for you!

Will it help me in the future?

If you have already determined that you have an invested interest in building your career in healthcare management, your next step is to examine your career goals. How will this degree help you? The healthcare management degree program helps students prepare for careers like healthcare and medical managers. According to the Department of Labor’s O*NET, healthcare and medical managers have a bright career outlook with a large number of projected job openings—a definite plus for your future goals.

It’s also possible that this program could help you advance some skills you’re already using and further your healthcare career. “Early in my career I thought my credentials for respiratory care were all I would ever need. It wasn’t until I started hiring respiratory therapy graduates with bachelor’s degrees that I realized having a degree validates your knowledge and secures your employment.” – Marilee, NAU Healthcare Management Graduate

Does it fit my lifestyle?

This is always an important question when considering any degree program. If you are already working in any industry, you may need to consider how flexible your schedule is to completing your degree. Do you have time to take classes and work? How will you manage your time between work, family and school? These are all important considerations when choosing any degree program. NAU offers the bachelor of science in healthcare management degree completely online, so you don’t have to put everything else aside to finish. Look into options like this to determine your opportunities for completing your degree.

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