Support for today’s leaders


Support for today’s leaders
Student Spotlight: Michael Krallman

For Navy officer, Michael Krallman, leadership has been a major part of his training and experience in the US military. While Michael always wanted to pursue an education as well, it wasn’t until recently that he realized what additional opportunities an education could create for him. “I kept thinking ‘I don’t need a degree, I’m already an officer in the Navy,’” Michael said about putting off his education. “As I get closer to retirement I realize that although I have years of experience, I need to finish my college degree to be competitive in the civilian job market.”


Like all military students, Michael has gained valuable training and experience serving his country. Now as Michael completes his degree from National American University, he is able to plan for his future with both experience and education to help make him competitive in the workforce.  “I am thinking about retiring from the Navy in the next few years. I have many years of management/HR experience and I plan to use my degree to help me transition into the civilian workforce.”

It was also Michael’s military service that helped him choose which school to attend to reach his goals. “My choosing NAU was again Navy related. A Navy buddy from years ago that I kept in touch with happened to work at NAU and she knew I had been putting off college for a long time. She was the push I needed. Someone I trusted to help guide me throughout the process of getting started.” And that was just what Michael claims he needed. “The NAU staff has been nothing short of amazing. I have never seen this kind of support for new students!” NAU continues to strive to provide support to military students and their families by offering reduced military tuition rates and flexible degree options to help them find balance between military life and education.

“NAU has helped me pursue my goals!” Michael claims.  He is expected to graduate this year with his bachelor’s degree in management—and not without the same honor he has pursued in his military career. Michael was recently named to Who’s Who Among Students, a prestigious academic honor for college students.

Congratulations Michael! You are a true leader…and a Maverick!


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